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    I get an error message when trying to open a PDF file.  http://bit.ly/e3Tq2h.  This started when updating the phone early.  (samsung S8+)

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      • tmo_amanda

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        Happy Friday, griffithassociat!


        Which software version are you running on your S8+? What's the exact error message that you receive? Since the update, have you restarted your phone to see if that helps?

          • magentatechie

            Re: PDF file

            Hey there! Just wondering if you had a chance to check out the suggestion above- also if you've already restarted your phone, you might want to see if you have an app specifically to open the PDF files:

            Google Play Store

            Search for "Google PDF Viewer"

            Should be the first one to pop up, make sure it states that it was made by Google

            Download and install

            Restart the phone

            Attempt to download the file again, you should be given the option to choose the PDF Viewer to open the file

            Make sure you choose "Set as default" Or "Always" (your verbiage mileage may vary based on your device)

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: PDF file

            I see you've got some suggestions above. Please let us know if that helps out. Thanks.