LG G5 Oreo update problems


    The Oreo update for my G5 has made the phone essentially unusable. Immediately following the update, the lockscreen button stopped working properly. Google Play Services crashes constantly (as fast as I can press the button to restart it or shut it down, it crashes again). As a result, I can't do much of anything with the phone. I've tried the fixes that I have found through online searches (for example, I have cleared the Google Play Services cache and also deleted all of its storage). I tried uninstalling updates, but it won't let me. What can I do? This update has destroyed my phone!

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      • bluefire25

        Re: LG G5 Oreo update problems

        I have multiple G5 in the company I work for and not issues so far with Oreo update.


        Try this:

        Go to apps, and search for Google Play Store and Google Play Services.

        On each app, go to storage and "clear cache" and "clear data".

        This will reset apps as it was just installed in a new phone. It will update to latest version in a couple of hours.


        Second option is to access phone in safe mode to see if you get the same issues.

        1. With the device turned on, press and hold the Power key.
        2. Tap and hold Power off.
        3. Review the message and tap TURN ON.
        4. The device will power off and restart in safe mode.Swipe the screen to unlock the device.
        5. To turn off safe mode, swipe down the Status bar.
        6. Tap the Safe Mode Is On notification.
        7. Tap TURN OFF.The phone will power off and restart.
        8. The device will reboot into normal mode.
        • em_just_helping

          Re: LG G5 Oreo update problems

          Have you tried clearing the Cache in Recovery Mode?


          This SHOULD always be the second step after going through a major Android update like you did. This erases any left-over from the update done.


          This step will not erase files or apps, it will erase SAVED passwords and logins, so all your games and online apps will need to be signed in again. DO NOT do this step if you are not sure of our passwords.