Is there a way to open a sales misrepresentation claim?


    Hello, previous Sprint customer here. A few months ago, before switching to T-mobile, I called into the 1-800 number and spoke with a sales rep about T-mobile's plans, offerings, and what my wife and I should expect when switching.


    The rep was helpful, polite, and full of information. By the end of the discussion, she had laid out very clearly for me that my bill, every month, would be:


    - $100 for the plan (taxes and fees included)

    - $30 for the phones (s9, buy-one-get-one)

    - (-$10) for an auto pay discount

    - Total: $120 per month


    I happily agreed, as that was around $15 less per month than what I was paying with Sprint. However, since switching, my bill (3 of them now) has not once been correct, and I am at a loss for what to do.


    The first month, my bill arrived at $170. Not only did they charge me for both phones (which was not what I agreed to), they also had taxes and fees on top of the plan cost. I called in and explained to the support team that the sales rep told me the bill would be $120, not $170. They made some adjustments, and explained what the confusion was. I let it go, and moved on.


    My second bill shows up: $150. I called in AGAIN to explain that the sales rep I spoke to told me there would be no taxes and fees on my bill, and that I should only be paying for one phone, not both. After several long conversations, the rep finally managed to explain that the buy-one-get-one offer would take effect on the next bill, and that this $30 overpayment would be credited onto my next bill, and that my bill should be $90. She also explained that she believed that the sales rep I spoke to was mistaken, and that the offer she explained to me about a $100 plan with taxes and fees included didn't exist... But, the support rep said that she had spoken to her manager, and they were able to put my account on the One plan for the reduced cost of what the sales rep told me it should have been. I thanked her for her time, and moved on.


    My third bill shows up, and guess what: it's wrong AGAIN. The amount of $90 was correct, but AGAIN they added taxes and fees onto it and the bill was over $100. I called in to support for a THIRD TIME to explain the issue, and this time, I was met with some resistance. The first rep I spoke to said that they cannot keep making adjustments on my bill every month, and that this would be the last time they would do so (WTF!?)... They also seem to have no record of what the second support rep told me about adjusting the payment of my plan due to the miscommunication from the sales rep. I asked if they could listen to the call from when I spoke to the sales rep, and they said they had no way to do so (how convenient)... They made a $10 manual adjustment to my account to get it close to $90, and apparently now, they're unwilling to help me any longer.


    ALL I have been trying to do for 3+ months now is get my bill to be what the original sales rep said it would be. And I keep being told that the plan I'm on doesn't include taxes and fees, and that I'd have to be on a more expensive plan to have taxes and fees included (wow, clever).


    At this point, I am about to take my phone to a T-mobile location and tell them I'm done. I've dealt with new customer confusions before, but this is just unreal levels of over-promising and under-delivering. I shouldn't have to call and deal with customer support every single month just to pay the bill that I agreed to pay when I left Sprint in the first place. 


    Is there a way for an account specialist to listen to the call between myself and the original sales rep? Is there any way that my bill can easily and permanently be adjusted to what the sales rep told me it would be? I'm incredibly frustrated with this whole situation, and I'm not looking forward to paying more than I agreed to for the next 2 years.


    Sorry for the wall of text. If you made it this far, thank you for your time.

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