my number porting out stuck somewhere at T-mobile end


    Hi T-mobile,


    I called many time to T-mobile customer service, but the problem is still there.

    On Oct 2, I ported my number out from T-mobile to Visible (a Verizon company). I received notice from Visible that they have successfully ported my number in and my service activated. But T-mobile noticed me later that there was a problem of porting out. I called T-mobile multiple times after that, and I was told that the number already transferred to Visible but the porting was still in process from T-mobile side. The processing has already took more than 8 days and it seems that it will never be done. Last night I called T-mobile again, and I was told that T-mobile has released the number but Visible didn't take it yet, but it is NOT the case. Visible already took it 8 days ago and I have been using service with the number from Visible for 8 days.

    Yesterday, I decided to go back to T-mobile for a prepaid plan. But my number can NOT be ported in to T-mobile, because T-mobile considers the number is still in porting process to Visible, which will never be done and actually it was done eight days ago. I tried a test on other carriers whether the number can be transferred to them and they can. I believe the problem is on T-mobile side and my number just stuck somewhere that T-mobile  should do something to finish the process. Otherwise,  T-mobile will forever lost one customer who can never port his beloved number in T-mobile.

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