I'm lost on the Carrier Freedom Promotion?


    Hello, I can use some help/clarification on the Carrier Freedom deal that T-Mobile is offering.


    I've already read this page - Carrier Freedom™ but it didn't answer my more specific questions.


    So let me just get into as much detail as I can:
    We're currently with AT&T, and we have 6 lines.



    4 of the 6 lines are completely out of contract.

    2 of them are still currently financing iPhones.

    The payoff amount of the 1st is $506.62.

    The payoff amount of the 2nd is $799.95.


    We are planning on doing the T-Mobile ONE™ Military plan, and my dad has his DD214 ready for whatever we need to do with it.


    Can someone please, in as much detail as you can, tell me exactly how the carrier freedom promotion works?

    Do we pay off the $506.62 and $799.95 first in full? Does the trade in amount of the phone take away from the $650 MasterCard that we're supposed to get after doing so? I'm just completely lost.


    I've talked to 3 reps so far about it, and they all gave me different answers.

    The most recent rep I've talked to told me that not only will we be getting a $650 and $506.62 MasterCard, but then we trade in the phones to also lower the cost of the new phones we'd be getting? It just all seems too good to be true and I don't understand it.


    Thanks so much :)

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      • magentatechie

        For Carrier Freedom, you must complete the following steps:


        AFTER you have purchased new devices from T-Mobile (either paid in full or through EIP) and ported in your numbers, you'll go to Switch2T-Mobile and click "Get Started"

        In your case, you'll select AT&T, then Device Financing Reimbursement

        Agree to the terms, conditions, and eligibility rules

        Select the numbers you wish to submit for Carrier Freedom by checking the box next to each number you want to enter for the selected reimbursement offer.  Please note, that if you have not traded in your devices (as in, you opted for a "deferred trade-in" rather than trading in at the time of your new device purchase), the offers will be estimates but will be officially determined after devices are received and pass inspection.

        Select your Contact Phone Number, this will be used to contact you if there are issues with your submission.

        Upload your final bill from AT&T (as .PDF, .JPG, or .PNG; up to 5MB, maximum 15 images), the bill MUST display the final charge for all devices you are submitting for reimbursement

        Click Submit

        (The pages may take some time to upload and the results page may take a few moments to load)

        You should see a page that states Success! or Uh-Oh! depending on the results of your submission.


        Also, please note that in order to qualify, you must have had the devices for 90 days AND have made at least 3 monthly payments on the devices, otherwise the device submission will be declined.


        The total amount of your reimbursement will be dependent on the amount you receive for your trade-ins as there is a maximum of $650 per line, and the exact amount provided is based on the value of the phone.  So, for example, if you have a phone worth $200 that you owe $400 on, you will receive a pre-paid card in the amount of $200.  You will see $200 applied to your new T-Mobile device balance (or the down payment if you opt to trade in the phones at the time of activation, which is recommended).  If you have a phone worth $500 but you only owe $350 on, you will not receive any pre-paid card as the amount owed is less than the value of the phone that will be applied to your T-Mobile device.


        Prepaid virtual cards are sent via SMS typically within 24-48 hours after the Day 15 payout date.  If your current carrier is one who will immediately send your account to collections after the final bill is generated, it is recommended to go ahead and pay it straight out, rather than wait for the prepaid virtual card.