Thank you, T-Mobile, for having a decent password policy


    I had to change my credit card that was on auto pay, and I realized that my password for my account (I use a password manager) was really weak.  So I went to change my password, expecting the typical asinine password requirements, like "must contain 6 letters, 4 digits, and 9 special characters, with a max length of 15 characters".  I was pleasantly surprised to see the requirements asking for characters and digits, with a max length of 50 characters! 50 CHARACTERS! So I used my password manager to generate a wonderful 50 character password, full of characters, digits, and special characters.  Except the password can only be numbers and characters.  No specials allowed.    Oh well.  Cant have everything, right? Anyways, 2 thumbs up for having a sensible max password character limit.  Most other sites limit it to something really stupid, like 12 or 15 characters.  Glad to see T-Mobile at least makes a somewhat decent effor at making sure we can properly secure our accounts.