LTE data MUCH slower than T-Mobile's test data

    I work in downtown Denver at 19th and Stout St.  T-Mobile's consumer test data (from its website) at my location shows an average download speed of 63 Mbps over the past 90 days.  However, my phone (a brand new iPhone Xs) never gets above 0.5 or 0.6 Mbps--less than 1% of the supposed average speed--regardless of whether I am inside or outside.  I have 4 bars of LTE, so that isn't the issue.  Why would the data on my brand new iPhone be less than 1% of the average speed other T-Mobile customers are supposedly getting at the same location???

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Are you a new customer or existing customer?

        If you're existing, did you get a new SIM with your iPhone?

        If you're new, you didn't connect your iPhone to a different provider before you popped in T-Mobile?

        Does this happen everywhere, or just at your work location?


        I ask this because it sounds like an experience I had in the past changing carriers with my Pixel 2.  Old carrier worked fine, changed carriers and changed SIM and I was getting abysmal speeds.  New carrier accused it of not being one of their branded devices (as if Pixel 2 is branded).  I found out I had to do a "reset network" on my phone and that fixed everything.


        But, if your SIM is old enough, it could be it doesn't have the full information the iPhone needs to connect.


        If it only happens at work, there may be some issue with the towers there.


        Lots of possibilities.

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            New customer.  Got the SIM with my new phone.  I get great speed elsewhere--often 20-50Mbps, and once over 150 Mbps.


            I suspect that there may be a problem with the towers near my work, but I am not sure because T-Mobile's map says other users average 63 Mbps at my location (supposedly based on test data during the past 90 days).


            Not sure if anyone at T-Mobile monitors this, but I would like to know if there is some type of temporary network problem near where I am working; and if not, why other users supposedly are getting 100 times the data speed I get at the very same location.

          • bc162

            I have an 8+ (Verizon edition, with better Qualcomm radio/modem) that works fine in my house, but then got an XS Max (bought it from Apple, carrier free) and it would consistently get lower data speeds (even with full LTE on Band 4/66) and fail outgoing calls in weaker signal areas,


            I think it's honestly just a bunk modem. Apple has opted to go all Intel this round, and tests have proven that Intel modems suck compared to Qualcomm (the reason the Galaxy S8/S9 usually do better on T-Mobile and at&t - their version of the iPhone has had the Intel modem since the iPhone 7)


            I say try getting your hands on pretty much ANY other device that's not an iPhone (or even a Verizon iPhone pre iPhone XS as those have a different brand of modem) and see if the issue persists, then make your judgement call on T-Mobile from that.