Any recourse for ridiculous Pay-Per-Use charges?


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    I had a great time travelling overseas recently to New Zealand and appreciated the ability to call back to the states for only $0.20 per minute in an emergency. After getting back to the states I made two short 5-minute calls back to New Zealand to take care of a few things with the assumption that it would only cost the same $0.20 per minute and got hit with the insane $3.00 a minute pay-per-use international charge when I got the phone bill. If I had known it cost that much, it would have been cheaper to pay the $15 for the month to add Stateside International Talk before making the call.


    This almost seems like a scam. If T-Mobile wanted to be customer friendly in this case, they would give a warning on the phone before placing the call and charge the $3.00 per minute up to $15 and then just automatically add the Stateside International Talk to the plan for the month.


    Now that I've already been hit with the charges and went back and saw that it is in the fine print that it costs $3.00 per minute I doubt I have any recourse, but it would be nice if there was something I could do (even if it was just get the Stateside International Talk added on for that month).


    Any suggestions on this? If nothing else I want to raise awareness of this ripoff so other people don't have unpleasant surprises on their phone bills.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, eclay42!


        I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in New Zealand. You're 110% right -- this is fantastic feedback that I can take back. The primary setback that I can see with this is that T-Mobile would proactively be added a chargeable feature on your account which is generally a no-go. In your case, this would've saved you at least $15. You always have the option of working with T-Force over Facebook or Twitter to see if they'd essentially be able to rerate your account as if the feature were on there. No guarantees but an available option.