Do I have a virus


    So I visited a website a few of my friends gave me, and its a really popular website. I was in the middle of watching something, and a thing popped up saying someone may be watching you browse and showed my IP address and what device I was using. At first I thought it was fake like a lot of ads are. Especially because a lot of other people got the same exact pop up. I was doing research, and came across something that said signs of viruses or a tapped phone is a static noise. So I went on youtube stopped in the middle of a video and put my ear up to my IPod speaker, and I heard static. Apparently everyone in my household has the static after a phone or any device other than our computers make static. I heard that viruses don't travel up that much. I checked with all of my friends and the ones who answered my messages said that their phones don't make the static noise. I factory reseted my Samsung Galaxy and it stopped for a while, but it started the next morning. I never connected it to the internet again or anything. I've been really paranoid of everything. Can someone please help me?

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