Pre-Ordered Watch S4, never shipped but now shows as returned


    Anyone else have this problem. I pre-ordered the Apple Watch series 4 the week before its release date, I had an estimated ship date between 9-26 and 10-2. It never showed up. I checked my credit card statement the other day and noticed a credit from T-mobile. After some investigation it was determined that the status of the item was changed to "returned". The item was never shipped, no shipping label was never created, no email had been sent to me about anything. Now I am being told I can't even order the phone at all because it is out of stock? That's why I pre-ordered it so as soon as it comes in stock I would get one. In fact I chatted with support 10-3 the day after the original estimate ship date to see if there was an update on when a new ship date may be, and was told they didn't have that information, but my order was in the priority at that point. I am wondering if anyone else experienced a similar situation or am I the lone victim of some deceit on T-mobile's part? I honestly had no problem waiting for the order regardless how long it took. Now I have to play this stupid game of calling my local store every day to see if they have one or if they can order one, because even they can't order me one, even though I was assured by a chat representative they would be able to help me in a physical store.

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