Delayed billing, dropped calls... DISSAPOINTMENT!


    I spent my afternoon(over an hr) after work with a customer service rep who had no idea how to come up with a reason as to why T-Mobile decided to “delay” my monthly device installments in September and charge them all at once in October. I guess I did t read the fine print on my contract where it says T-Mobile can charge whenever they want or they can not charge me and the charge for multiple installments the following month.... or whenever they like I’m sure. It’s pretty unfair that they get to undercharge and overcharge as they please. What if I didn’t feel like paying this month, I’d be left with no service. I’m just so over T-Mobile, for the past few months, my internet it slow, my calls drop, and now this... i have five devices on my account, it’s happening to all of us. I think it’s time to switch.