T mobile network statistics reset option missing??


    Why the heck does t mobile remove this option in settings than go to cellular than scroll all down to reset statistics is gone????? Is this a network setting now?? I had this a week ago now shows current billing etc, who cares I can see this on my t mobile log in where is the option to reset statistics option?? This rude overseas 611 rep had no clue and can't speak English had no clue I was asking for, and kept repeating the same thing?? After 5 years dedication I'm leaving t mobile, I hate t mobile now, they change your phone and now 611 customer service that's rude?? Good buy t mobile!!!!!

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      • magentatechie

        My understanding is that this feature was removed with iOS 11, as according to Data usage: Apple iPhone & iPad on iOS 11 there is no mention of resetting the statistics, vs Data usage: Apple iPhone & iPad on iOS 10, the page specifically says that the statistics do not automatically reset themselves.


        I'm sorry that this is not a feature that you find useful, as I'm sure that simplifying the process of checking of monthly data statistics as they line up with T-Mobile was the whole intention of aligning the software with the carrier information.

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          • androidz32015

            That's what I kinda thought I did notice that on the iPhone x iOS 11 last year, but funny thingbbis when you restore the device and sync with I tunes that feature comes back, even my iPhone xs max it comes and goes I noticed depending on network signal too, so it's a t mobile thing, I know people who have other carriers and still have that option personally it should be thier it does help clear excess data collected and frees up the cpu ram speeds that's the only reason I used it. Sounds crazy but a friend of mine works at a apple store showed me that feature 3 years ago. But I only used it once a month or every two weeks. Thank you for the reply I'm glad you knew of this I call 611 tech  reps at t mobile they haven't the clue what that is?? .....its a mystery lol

            • androidz32015

              Oh I did notice that that e SIM or duel SIM thing does work on iPhone xs max I can currently use two different numbers but not same carrier on t mobile that I know of, I tried my friends SIM from Verizon and worked, but I mainly use t mobile and telcel when I go to Mexico but my device is the simfree factory unlocked version.