G7 ThinQ Camera not saving snapshot, need to re-boot to fix.


    Actually this is it seems a few problems I'm having that needs a reboot to make work again.


    It is clearly only 2 functions, with the camera being the most annoying.


    First one is Bluetooth, my 2015 Buick's Entertainment system, and Pandora, along with using the phone on WiFi.


    What happens is either Pandora is very slow loading or it reports a network connection issue on the Entertainment display. Usually when I start the car up and I can see the bars and battery power display on the Entertainment system display I then press source for the Audio and select Pandora. I have a 75% chance it will eventually connect (less than a minute). Otherwise I'll get the error or the audio just reverts to the old channel it had before I tried to connect to Pandora. I did discover if I held the phone in my hand and had it ON (usually off in my pocket) it worked every time, and it seemed to do it fast too. However I've had it sort of lock up too and it never worked until I rebooted the phone. One possible cause I think is when I try to connect? If I do it while on house Wifi and then back the car out of the garage it changed to T-Mobile Cell as I back-up and I think this is the real cause. Same for coming home when it sees the Wifi signal and switches, but I can not verify that this is the true cause as it doesn't happen every time I go in or out with Pandora either connected or trying to connect.


    I also think this is the cause (Pandora not connecting or basically hanging) with the Camera.


    I had instance where I go to use the camera (auto or manual) and take a picture and hear the click. However the gallery thumbnail next to the camera button doesn't update? Every picture I try to take does that. I the tap the Gallery button and see NONE were stored? Same if I open Pictures? Confused I thought maybe I ran out of room? Not according to the Settings for storage (I have an SD card in). To be sure I delete a few, and try again. Still isn't saved. I rebooted the phone and it works fine. However this is the 3rd time this has happened?


    Any suggestions here, specifically the camera problem?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Super odd issues but I have a couple questions that'll help narrow down how to fix this. For the Pandora loading issue, does this only happen when you're connected to your car? Are you able to use the Pandora app on the phone without it having the loading delay? For the pictures, is this happening when you're taking a screenshot of songs playing in Pandora or if you're just taking a regular photo?

          • irvsp

            It only happens (Pandora) when connecting to the car and using in the car via Bluetooth to the Entertainment system. At least I think so? I've used it randomly on the phone at home (on Wifi) or outside the home in a few places. Problem is usually in the car and that is where the slow connection takes place. I'm wondering if the number of bars seen is the problem? It appears there is a delay between the display of bars on the Entertainment system as the phone? The phone reacts 'quickly' while driving to the bar changes but the Entertainment system seems to sample in a much longer timeframe? Using the phone by itself, even in the house Wifi comes up immediately and starts playing.


            The camera, no, this is 'normal' camera usage, not screen captures.


            Since I posted this I decided to change the storage over to Internal and tested. Not a long time test, but it did save to Internal Storage. I then removed the SD card and took it to my Windows PC. The PC reported there was a problem with the card and I allowed it to fix the card. It tried and reported no problems found? I suspect this might have been because I removed the card with the phone on (phone reported, too late, doing so could cause damage to data stored) so the 'dirty bit' might have been set and Windows recognized that and presumed it had to run CHKDSK on it? I put the card back and so far I've not had camera problems, but again, this was with limited usage.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Do you have low bars of signal on your phone when you're connected to the car? If so, that would explain it having trouble loading.


                As for your camera, did you have a lot of files saved to the SD card and if so, were you able to move a few? Or did the error stop you?

                  • irvsp

                    tmo_mike_c wrote:


                    Do you have low bars of signal on your phone when you're connected to the car? If so, that would explain it having trouble loading.


                    As for your camera, did you have a lot of files saved to the SD card and if so, were you able to move a few? Or did the error stop you?

                    Not all the time do I have low bars (one or two). Usually when I back out of my garage and change to P before I back out. However where ever we are the connection is 'slow' to play. I've looked at the phone and see the P start page but it isn't finding the channel/station.


                    I've got my wife's G7, and it had P as well. I intend to see if that does the same thing. Car usually connects to the last phone is was connected to. I change to hers and give it a try.


                    SD is a 2Gb, and only 624MB's are used.according to Settings -> General -> Storage page. I had previously deleted some pictures when it didn't save but it still happened after saving one picture (I deleted 3).

                    • irvsp

                      OK, fixed Pandora...


                      It seems on 10/11/2018 Pandora updated to V1809.2. From the README:



                      What's New


                      • Fixed connectivity issues with automotive integrations.

                      • For Android Oreo and later, the “Launch From Car” setting will be turned off. If you wish to allow your car to launch the Pandora app on your phone, go to Settings > Advanced and turn Launch From Car on.



                      That last one WAS the problem. I turned it ON and all is well.


                      Pandora's Help page really is conflicting (from Using Pandora in your car help):



                      • Getting started in the car


                        Download the Pandora app on your Android or iOS smartphone.
                        1. Connect your smartphone to the vehicle’s audio system:
                          • iOS devices via USB (newer models may allow connection via Bluetooth)
                          • Android devices via Bluetooth (Android phones may not be compatible with all audio systems)
                        2. Open the Pandora app on your phone.
                        3. Select the Pandora icon from your screen.
                        • Connect with Bluetooth on Android
                        • Go to the Settings tab.
                        • Then select Advanced.
                        • Under Bluetooth for devices, make sure there is a check next to Enable Automatic Launch.
                        • Disable Auto Launch Notifications on Android

                        • Tap the menu in the upper left, then go to the Settings tab.
                        • Select Advanced.
                        • Under Bluetooth for devices uncheck the box next to Launch from car.



                      Direct conflict with what the change was in V1809.2

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