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    On September 8, I left the United States to participate in a study abroad program in the United Kingdom. The weekend before I left, I visited a T-Mobile store to discuss my options concerning my account. I learned I wouldn't be able to continue using my US number due to the length of time I'm spending abroad. So, I made my last payment for service through September under the assumption the representative in the store would cancel my service plan so that I'm not charged in the future (my fault for not explicitly asking).


    The reason I'm writing is I recently discovered a charge to my bank account for the normal amount I would be paying for the plan (the prepaid plan with unlimited talk/text and 4 GB data for $45 per month) I had before I left. I was surprised since I had not called, texted, or used any data since I left the country. I'm now wanting to see if that recent payment (for $49.62) can be refunded and if my plan can be canceled. If at all possible, I don't want my account fully closed because I want to use my old US number when I return.


    Of course, since there are no physical T-Mobile stores near where I'm staying and international calls on my UK plan are expensive, I thought reaching out on here would be a good first step. Thank you for reading!


    - Matt Kenney

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      • magentatechie

        Re: Mistaken Charge

        Hey there, I'm so sorry that there was an issue with your cancellation request.  I'm also sorry that the folks here won't be able to access your account so you may wish to reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter for account-specific issues. They'll be able to access it and advise you of the next steps.


        I will say that if the account were cancelled, you only have a set amount of time to be able to re-claim your number (60 days, I believe) but beyond that, the number is lost for good.  You might want to explore changing to a different plan (PAYG perhaps?) in order to secure your number until you return.

          • ctrl-alt-fun

            Re: Mistaken Charge

            Thanks for the info! Do you think it's possible at this point to get a refund on the payment that's already been taken out of my account for this month? (I had forgotten to turn off auto-pay)

              • magentatechie

                Re: Mistaken Charge

                I honestly couldn't say.  If there was indeed a mistake in billing, they can reimburse the charges, but it sounds more like you weren't expecting the account to still be open- while at the same time, if the account had been closed, you might have lost the number you were wishing to keep.  Definitely reach out to T-Force and they will be able to be way more specific!