Landline number won't port over to Prepaid T-Mobile SIM


    Over 2 weeks ago I activated a prepaid sim card for my grandfather so I could port over his landline and he could keep his number on mobile. I was given a temporary number and attempted to port over his landline. I provided his landline phone number, and account number. I was also asked for a pin number for the account but after verifying multiple times with his service provider (Spectrum), there is no pin on the account and it should be open. A week went by and the number hadn't transferred. I called customer care, was on hold for over two hours, and was told that the request was cancelled several days prior. I gave them the info to attempt again and they did. I called@@ today (it has again been a week) and after being on lengthy hold, was told the same thing; the request had been cancelled. This time I escalated the issue to a port-in specialist who asked for the same info and assured me it would be fine. I cannot continue to spend several hours on the phone every week trying to resolve this issue. I have been as patient as possible but the prepaid division of T-Mobile customer support seems to be grossly incompetent and unable to assist me. I tried the port-in process online and the site has been malfunctioning for weeks now. I went into the store but they just refer me to the same service hotline that has been no help thus far. I am at my wits end and do not know who to contact or where to go to have my questions answered. Has anyone else had such extensive issues? If so, were they resolved? How? Any advice would be appreciated. Sorry for the rant. Thanks.

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      • gearloose

        More than two weeks also trying to do pretty much the same thing for a senior, different current carrier. Nobody seems to have any idea how to port from wireline, and you can never get the same rep twice, and good luck with the language barrier. Five times they have called to tell me the port request was rejected from the carrier because zip code was wrong, and I have given it to them correctly that many times. I also tried it earlier via the web site on activating the SIM and the site didn't function, had to activate by phone using my own mobile phone from another carrier (rhymes with horizon).  I work in telecom in an enterprise environment, and have never seen such incompetence in my entire career.

        • tmo_mike_c

          This is taking much longer than usual and I'm super sorry hear this. What were you told exactly when you spoke to our Care team and when did you speak with them last. Do you know if Spectrum still has the number active on their system?

            • jaked09

              Hi Mike!


              First off, I am never able to speak with Customer Care about this issue. Each time I call T-Mobile Customer Care (who have always been truly, very helpful), they apologize and transfer me to the prepaid division. This entire department appears to be overseas as communication is challenging and they always treat the situation like it's the very first call they've ever taken. This is increasingly frustrating as I usually have to wait for 1-2 hours to speak with them (after either waiting on hold or scheduling a call back). They called me today twice and the connection was very spotty both times so I couldn't completely  speak with them. From what I gathered, the request has been shot back again. I dialed #686# on on the prepaid sim and found the temporary number still active. The Spectrum number is also still active on their account. I had a lengthy discussion with Spectrum customer care today to find out what information they needed to release the number. They said they had no record of any port-out attempts on my account and stated that they cannot refuse to release the number. Someone is clearly not being truthful as both sides are blaming each other and I am left here pulling my hair out for the third week in a row. I verified again that I have no pin associated with my account. There is a 4 digit security code that is printed on all of my billing statements that I thought might be what is needed in place of the pin but Spectrum doesn't think so and won't give me a definitive answer. Now I am unsure where to go and I am dreading having to explain my problem to prepaid customer care again. I don't mean to dump on you, Mike, but any information or help you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

                • tmo_mike_c

                  I hear where you're coming from. That's rough you've had this much trouble with your number. We'll need to make sure the port completes so you can use the number from Spectrum. You should be able to get help by calling but if you have a FB or Twitter account you can reach out to our T-Force team using the links on our Contact Us page. They can help and you can link them to this thread so they know what's been going on so you don't have to explain in too much detail.

              • gearloose

                I went through the same song-and-dance routine last week with prepaid when I called the main support number. You may have better luck calling the direct number for port status updates, 1-877-789-3106 from a non-T-Mobile phone. If you try calling that number from the T-Mobile prepaid phone, it automatically routes you to the prepaid support queue, where you will die of old age before they pick up the call or call you back. If you get someone in the transfer department who just sends you back to prepaid again, hang up and try again until you get a rep that will at least look at the port request to see what's up (which they can and will do if they want to be helpful), then connect you with an actual person on the prepaid side that may help further. That said, there is no earthly reason why port-in requests should be handled in two separate departments, makes no sense at all. The language skills are so poor on the prepaid support side that I had to spell out all of my port info a character at a time and had to have them read it back to me 4 times before it was correct. They actually had to kill the original port request and start over again, I am now awaiting the response to the new request with a zero degree of confidence.


                If it doesn't work this time I am going to simply give up and go to another carrier, I'm only out the cost of a SIM card kit and ten bucks on a pay-as-you-go account at this point and I'm ready to cut my losses. By contrast, in my work environment I recently ported 14 numbers from one wireline carrier to a PRI provider, the transfer took exactly 24 hours. If only T-Mobile had a functional web site that allowed customers to initiate their own port requests with no intervention from humans in "customer support", things would probably work much better. Just saying.

                • tmo_mike_c



                  Just checking in to see if you have any updates on the port. Please keep us posted. Thanks.

                  • magenta7054748

                    I had a simillar issue, My experience was horrible .

                    I originally had T-Mobile prepaid for years I decided couple weeks ago to switch to "Unreal Mobil" which they have cheaper plans. I was able to port in my number to "Unreal Mobil" in seconds online. I was not happy with their connectivity so I wanted to come back to T-Mobile . I called T-Mobile they said the process is simple and easy but I have to create a new account with a temporary number while waiting for my original number that I had for years to port back in to T-Mobile. I called a number of times to check on the status . I have been placed on hold for hours each time I called . They transfer me from one agent to another and I have to explain my issue to every single one of them . Couple agents just hang up on me and you hear them laughing on the back. I even told them that I am willing to switch to a regular account if this is how prepaid customers  treated . After literally spending a week trying to get my number back I gave up and cancel my account . This was my worst experience I have ever had in regards of customer service.  I will never come back to T-Mobile  in any way or shape even if I have to pay double the price somewhere else .