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Data usage higher than it should be.


    I’ve noticed the same thing.


    My data usage is absurd and it shouldn’t be.


    I think T-Mobile changed something and they’re showing that we’re using way more data than we are.


    Something isn‘t right

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Data usage higher than it should be.

        Hey there! The data recorded is only going to show what the SIM card requests from the network. What kind of data activities do you do on your phone specifically?

          • magenta6425613

            Re: Data usage higher than it should be.

            Chris - thanks for the reply. I was not expecting that at all.


            Long story short: my usage has been way higher the last two months than it’s ever been before and I can’t explain it. I used to do a lot of hotspot work and regular phone stuff and never had an issue even with a 5 GB cap.

            The last month I used my 10 GB in two weeks and I assumed it was due to my computer downloading some update.

            Fast forward to today and I’ve used over 2GB of data in 5 days. None of that is streaming anything. Just basic surfing and email on my phone.


            To me it seems like I am using data way faster than before but I’m actually doing less with my account. It’s frustrating and it seems like it’s a way to make me go up to the unlimited plan (before the 10 GB was more than enough).