Will my line be prorated


    Hi all,


    So I just moved from one family plan to another in the middle of billing cycle. I was on a post paid account and the bill was already up for Sep 14 to Oct 15 so I guess the old account has to pay for the full month on the due date of Oct 5th.


    But since I moved in Sep 19th in the middle of the billing cycle (used for 5 days but paid for 30 days), will the charges be prorated and I will only be charged for 5 days of usage and will receive the extra payments in my next bill as statement credit?


    Thank you

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Will my line be prorated

        I can't find anything in the official documentation for Change of Responsibility:


        Transfer account or line ownership


        I learned yesterday through their fourms that AT&T's policy for change of responsibility apparently does a proration since the number was already paid for to AT&T up to a specific date (this does not apply to porting).  I'd like to think the same happens to T-Mobile plans.  Especially since I don't think I recall seeing a complaint in the forums of someone doing a CoR and double-paying for the overlap period (there's a lot complaining about not prorating with a port).


        I would wait for one of the T-Mobile mods to chime in, though.

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        • tmo_chris

          Re: Will my line be prorated

          A lot is going to depend on the plan you were on and if you had any promotions on your specific line as well as if you were on bill current billing or bill in arrears. We will need to take a look at the account in order to give you the correct answer here. Please call us when you have a moment so our care folks can assess your bill.