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    I have an LG v20 phone for which T Mobile recently pushed out Android Oreo. At work, I get spotty reception. With the update, I get constant notifications that there is no voice/data service. I have WiFi at work and have enabled Wi-Fi calling, so these notifications are useless. But there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to turn them off. The best I can do is snooze them for 2 hours. 4 or 5 times a day, I have to do this, and it is very annoying. If I don't snooze them, then spotty reception means I will get a notification every few minutes all day. How do you get rid of these notifications?

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      • magentatechie

        Hey there! Do you mind checking your WiFi calling settings? 

        Settings>Networks>Call>WiFi Calling>Connection Preferences

        You'll want to have WiFi preferred selected.  Let us know if this helps!

        • magenta4288684

          I'm in the same scenario, and I get the same thing on my V20. I've called support and asked, and it seems like after 2 years, they still have no idea how to address this issue. I'm on WiFi calling at home because of the terrible signal (no LTE, rarely a usable signal for calls), and I get the same notification all day long. No amount of settings changes seem to help, but I just thought of something as I was typing this. I believe that there is an option to long press on a notification to get a small settings box on the left that would allow you to silence or potentially block a particular app from notifying you. Maybe try that?

          • tmo_amanda

            These notifications would drive me nuts, too. It definitely sounds like a feature that was built into the latest update for the V20 which I can pass along feedback on. So far we haven't identified a work around for these notifications. If that changes, I'll be sure to update you.

            • harleyjp

              This is driving me crazy on my LG G7 ThinQ, too. Doesn't T-Mobile offer a femtocell to provide a cell signal via a WiFi connection. Shouldn't that solve the problem?

              • brinad

                This problem isn't about the Wi-Fi. I have had this same problem for a while. When I would have a bad signal with Wi-Fi and with the 4g these notifications kept popping up all night long. When I leave home I turn my Wi-Fi off, but I don't have any kind of cell signal for miles. These notifications would still pop up. I fixed the problem. Go into mobile networks under the networks tab. It will be toward the bottom in the advanced section. Then click on network mode. I changed mine to auto 3g/2g and now the problem is fixed. I did have it set to auto LTE/3g/2g. Looks like the LTE is the problem. Anyway I hope this works for you guys as well

                • magenta7934391

                  I recently got an LG G7 ThinQ and get these no voice/no data notifications many times a day while at work despite being on WiFi calling which works

                  well.  T-Mobile cell service is poor at this location and switches between LTE AWS, LTE 700, and LTE 1900 which may trigger these notifications.  It

                  shows up as GSM emergency calls only when the notifications happen.  My prior phone was a Google Nexus 5X which never had this issue running either

                  Android 8.0 or 8.1.  In fact, it turned of it's cellular radio when set to WiFi calling preferred and it had WiFi reception.  The LG G7 not only does not do that but it insists on constantly reminding my of T-Mobile's poor coverage.  Will this be fixed in the upcoming Android 9.0 release?  It was not in the recent Android 8.0 update.

                    • magenta7993299

                      There is a way to shut it off, but it is not ideal.  Go to Sound menu in settings and turn notification sound to "silent".  This shuts off the notification sound so you don't get the sound notification all day long.  Unfortunately, it also turns of sound for all other notifications too.  The constant notifications about voice/data service drove me so crazy that I prefer this to hearing the notification all day long. You still get audio alarms, phone calls, and text messages, which is really all I care about anyway.   Hope this helps.

                    • magenta8374758



                      Ever since the push out of Android 8.0 to my LG G5, I've been receiving these unwanted notification constantly, all day long. I cannot just turn off the sound for all notifications.


                      How do I turn off "No voice service" notifications in Andriod 8?

                      • magenta8374758



                        Ever since the push out of Android 8.0 to my LG G5, I've been receiving these unwanted notification constantly, all day long. I cannot just turn off the sound for all notifications.


                        How do I turn off "No voice service" / "No data service" notifications in Andriod 8?


                        @tmo_amanda @tmo_mike_c @magentatechie We need answers.


                        Yes, I've rebooted the phone and cleared the cache. This is an issue of receiving audio and visual notifications with no ability to modify whenever I walk from one end of my workshop to the other, or go into a different room in my house, or go to the bathroom. The notifications always come in pairs.

                        • magenta8429666

                          Same problem here. Still no real resolution. I have a LG G7 ThinQ, and get these annoying messages all day, every day. I work from home and have great WiFi, so my phone is always set to preferred WiFi calling - and I still get these useless, annoying, infernal pop up messages telling me that I have "no voice service" and "no data service". I never got these on my Samsung phone I just switched from recently, or any other phone I have ever had. Only this one. What is the deal?

                          • mr_scary

                            I have an LG G6.  These messages are about to make me smash my phone into a thousand pieces.  There must be a way to turn this off.  I'll root my phone if necessary, but this must stop.  I can drive all across town without dropping a call, but I get a block from my home (where I also work) and it's gone.  Crackheads with tinfoil hats down the street are fighting the installation of a new tower in fear it will give them cancer.  I cannot be interrupted every 5 minutes, checking my phone to see if I got an important message, only to see that I don't have voice or data service, which I am WELL aware of.  Pressure whoever needs to fix it to FIX IT!!!!  This is unacceptable.