The iPhone XS Has A Serious Problem...


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      • androidz32015

        That video is that guy with them idiotic beard and glasses, all he does is post false information he puts every device down like it's got issues, the only issues is the guy in the video, had my xs max 512 gb and I know family and co workers who have it it's a tad buggy but nothing to be concerned of, it's new and new iOS barely out this has been Apple's best launch so far to date ive seen but last year was a disaster, my Samsung note 9 has more issues on release but even that isn't bad at all. Most common bugs can be fixed by settings and checking apps by 3rd party that cause bugs also... I been using iOS and Android for years. Nothing is perfect by far.

        • weddingguy53

          he can be right it depends what iphone xs is defective look on google about it everyone has this issue and I still an iPhone SE with no isses