3-4 bars but absolutely 0 internet




    T-mobile customer currently commuting from Fremont to south Oakland, right near the Oakland airport. Service has been shoddy since day 1 but reliable streaming available as long as I choose below 360p on YouTube for podcasts. Connection is fantastic in Fremont, nothing but full bars, 50mbps speed everything is hunky dory.


    Oakland is a nightmare though, bars never really go below 3, sometimes two if I'm in the center of my workplace, but I work at the back with a door to outside about 10 feet away from me. Despite the bars never going down past 3 I get absolutely no internet connection, LTE symbol looking at cheeky as ever next to the bars. Sometimes turning my mobile data on and off will do the trick for about 30 seconds until the network decides to crap out again, most of the time it doesn't. Switching from LTE to standard 4G will work for another 30 seconds; until the network decides to display that nice little E symbol and then no connectivity yet again.


    I notice it far less but when I start my commute home I will suddenly get texts from friends and family asking me why I didn't answer their calls, so it turns out I'm not even getting the calls I should. The coverage map says "good coverage" where my work is, I understand that inside will be less reliable coverage but even going outside for a break yields absolutely no results; my search engine page says "cannot connect" Reddit won't load, and even my speedtest times out when its trying to find a server.


    This is abysmal coverage and I'm sick of it, 2 of my coworkers with T-mobile have told me they're in the same boat. Some days we may be able to get that "beautiful" 144p streaming, but days like today it just completely tanks beyond broken.

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