FamilyMode Drama


    We are using Disney Circle on our home network, and it works well, so I was excited to finally see a similar product for our cell phones.  We are a family of 6 - 2 adults, 4 kids.  FamilyMode worked for a while on the kids' phones when first installed, but now the VPN is toggling on/off on all their devices and disrupting service.  One of my sons does not receive texts from me anymore.  Tried removing/reinstalling the app, no help. 


    I want an "EASY" button.  Does it exist?  Or do I need to go back and get an IT degree to figure this out myself?


    My serious question is:  Does T-Mobile have a comprehensive, step-by-step setup process for setting up this product on iPhones, so that it actually works?


    Signed, a very frustrated parent.

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