Hi there,

    I was on T-mobile one $70 auto- pay plan for just 1 month and 16 days from July 26th until September 10th. I cancelled because of poor coverage. Thie charges should be  $70 for the first month plus approx $35 for 16 days plus I had $1.07 one time charge.  Total approx $110. During this period I received and paid 3 statements totaling approx. $150. One for $75(?) for one(!) day period Jul 26th- Jul 26th, one for $71.07 for the period Jul 27th- Aug 26th and the final bill for Aug 27- Sep 10 was for $2.83(?). I noticed that something is wrong in the whole picture but I did not have time to call and dispute/clarify. I just left the autopay active in order to avoid my service  being canceled. The final bill of $2.83 my husband paid by phone. He wasn't able to dispute the charges because he did not know the pass code. He just paid it to avoid my account being reported to a collection agency for $2.83. On 10/5 I called T-mobile to dispute the first and last bills. The representative told me that since the account is closed they have no record of any bills and payments and nothing can be done. I said that I have copies of all 3 statements in front of me and I have a record of the payments. I can send it to T-mobile if necessary since they do not keep(?!) records. (I am sure they do if one owes them a penny) The answer was that nothing can be done since I paid everything in full!!!! Excuse me, I call it a robbery. The representative refused to transfer me to a supervisor and told me that no matter how many times I call, the answer will be the same.

    My question is is it really true that I can not dispute bills and payments I already made and that no one from T-mobile is able to resolve this? I hope somebody from TM reads this.


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