First bill and a major error


    On Sunday Septerber 30th I signed up with T-Mobile after 20+years with Verizon. Today, October 5th I received my first bill for what shows a billing period from September 30th to October 1st, a period of 36 hours. The amount of the bill is $100.00 for 36 hours. And I was told at sign up my bill would be only $90.00 each month.


    The CSR with whom I spoke told me the billing cycle started on the second of the month and this bill was for a period ending on October 20th. That's prepaid not post paid and not even a full month.


    And to top it off, the young man who set up my account told me the equipment protect plan was $10.00 a month. I am being billed $15.00 a month.


    I an considering going back to Verizon

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