Oreo Update Bricked my LG G5


    I have always taken great care of my phones and this LG was no exception.  I really enjoyed the camera picture quality and features.  The phone was fast and reliable for everything I used it for.  Unfortunately I just updated the Android version to Oreo on Sunday evening and everything was working fine until I powered down the device.  The phone will no longer turn on; the led light does not illuminate when plugged into the charger.  I have tried all the tricks in the book from pulling the battery and holding down the power button to attemting the developer reboot holding down the power button and the down volume keys.  I have tried holding down all the buttons at once and every combination immaginable.  I have left it on the charger for 24 hours and checked the battery with a volt meter only to confirm that the battery is fully charged and operational but the phone just wont turn on!

    It is very unfortunate that there is not much else to do to bring this phone back to life.  I did not have an insurance policy with T-mobile because I have never needed one.  I currently use a 5 year old Samsung for a work phone and I'm sad to say I will most likely never go back to LG again.  I was hoping to get at least a couple more years out of the G5 but thanks to the Android Software update, I will be retiring this phone before I even finished the 2 year equiptment installment plan.

    If you've read this far I have ONE PIECE OF ADIVICE:   DO NOT UPDATE THE SOFTWARE if you enjoy your LG G5.

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      • em_just_helping

        Re: Oreo Update Bricked my LG G5

        The steps you tried was for a SOFT bricked phone. What you got there my friend is a HARD bricked phone


        And.... if you have time (and like doing it or enjoy tech stuff) ...


        There are still ways to revive the LG phone

        1. all phones when connected to a computer are just plain-old USB devices, all you need is the proper driver and the proper port to work with

        2. Once you have the right cables and port and driver and software and ROM you FLASH

            (see how many variables? that's how many times you can get it wrong.... but you are in a situation where any result is a good result)

        3. I won't and can't get into details... consider this like a weekend geek-project for you. And your best friend here would be the

        tandem of Google & Youtube....

        4. Goodluck

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        • joe1994

          Re: Oreo Update Bricked my LG G5

          Wonderful more Oreo problems. Sorry to read about your problems.