Unfair T-mobile business practice


    I tried to reach T-mobile (messaging service) for several hours now - no success.

    The issue is so ugly, that I want to bring it in writing only, otherwise, they would tell they did not say that.

    (Well, with T-Mobile, even writing does not help).


    Here is my long story:


    When I switched to T-mobile sometime at the beginning of August, I was “hooked” on promise that when I travel internationally, I would be charged only for phone calls that I made (no charges for incoming calls and left voice messages). And it was even done in writing!

    Very soon, I found out that it is not true (saying very least). I requested to disable Voice Mail (Voice messages – whatever you call it). All chats are saved, I even copy/paste the following statement:


    “I have now successfully suspended your voicemail [my name], rest assured that you will not be receiving any voicemail while you're abroad. I'm [name of representative] and my rep ID : 17754927 I'm sending this to assure you that what I said to you is the truth and you may use this conversation as a basis in the future.”


    So far so good – except one thing. I was not told that with disabling of Voice Mail coming another “package” – blocking text messages from financial institutions.

    When I found it out (and I need terribly disappoint T-mobile staff here – I was not running out of money, it was something completely different), I contacted T-Mobile.

    Text messages from financial institutions was unblocked very quickly, but here came “the package”. Very soon I started to get notifications about new voice message. It was very annoying, but I did not check messages (oh, sorry, I can understand T-mobile expectations, but I did not satisfy them) until returning to US.


    The most ridiculous part of the story was found when I came back. Voice Mail was enabled ONE WAY!!! Meaning, that people can leave me messages, but I could not get them! When I dial Voice Mail, I am getting message that this box was disabled. And – for clarification – I talked to people that leave me messages, they confirm that they leave messages and my close friends among those people.


    What we have now.

    I thought to wait for a bill and try nicely to contact T-mobile for IMMEDIATE removal. But T-mobile is not in hurry to generate the bill.

    Since people know that I came back, they leave me messages, but I could not get these messages, of course. And it starts to create some issues for me.


    YES, I can call to T-mobile and activate Voice Mail, but here, I am facing the main catch – it would allow T-mobile charge me for messages that was left while I was travelling outside US.


    Just be clear – even if they charge me – charges would small, it was a couple of messages and I don’t believe that someone left message for an hour. This is question about very-very unfair practice. And this is my biggest concern.


    SO my requests are:

    • T-mobile must ensure they do not charge me for messages that left on my Voice Mail while I was travelling outside US. I did contact for disabling Voice Mail and NEVER requested to enable it (“package” was their initiative).
    • I do need to enable Voice Mail, but need to be sure that no charges are applied. T-mobile can DELETE ALL MESSAGES that was left so far, I don’t care about them.
    • T-mobile finally must put information about these charges on their web site and allow full disabling of Voice Mail and, of course, without blocking text messages from financial institutions.


    Thanks for your attention.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Unfair T-mobile business practice

        This is such a rough story and I really wish we made things clear from the start. Here's what I know. With the voicemail, it's charged for 1 min rate based on the country you're in. The only time this isn't charged is if the phone is off during the time the call is made and the message is left. We have this info on our voicemail section of our International roaming checklist . Here on support, we don't have access to your account so we can't see if the voicemail feature is on your account or not. If the features not removed, folks will still be able to leave voicemail messages. Making sure that the voicemail is set up the way you want it, we'd need someone with account access. We'd need either our Team of Experts or T-Force team to gather your information and check on this for you. You can reach them by using the option on our Contact Us page.


        One other thing. Receiving text messages from financial institutions should still work whether you have your voicemail or not. I'm not 100% if something else might have been changed on the account that would cause that but that would have to be enabled/disabled separately from the voicemail.

          • misika123

            Re: Unfair T-mobile business practice


            Thanks for response.

            However, it does not help, it does not resolve issue and it does not make me feel that switching to T-Mobile was not mistake.


            After I wrote my message, I found out that someone called me with an important information and I do need to start to get messages in general and I had nothing to do except to activate voice mail. (I would skip "courtesy" of a person that activate my voice mail; after all - it was not surprise at all)


            While I was travelling, I got SIX messages. SO - total T-mobile revenue (and you should understand that even those "HUGE" money I'll get back) is $1.50 in case you really charge 1 min for voice mail, if not - it can be $3, maybe $5, but not more.

            And disappointed customer that don't hesitate to share experience on every corner.

            If a company can allow such things in general - it says something about a company.

            I did call, I did ask to disable Voice Mail - all these things are printed out.


            Block bank/paypal SMS in retaliation - come on, this is just low.

            I clearly asked your representative to unblock these SMS and DO NOT ENABLE VOICE - he enable voice. And again - this is just low.


            T-mobile employees can locate my account (I registered with the same e-mail address) - I am a programmer, I know how to retrieve info from database.

            and ensure these unfair charges are not added to my bill. But you are not going to do. And I am going copy/paste this info "to whom it concern".


            But the most important thing why I post it here - so that other people would be aware and decide whether it worth to deal with "lowcoster" or not.


            Thanks for your attention.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Unfair T-mobile business practice

                We do appreciate the feedback and it's really sad to me you've had this kind of experience with our customer service. We should be making the requests on your account that we said we would. That part is totally on us. As I've mentioned, here we're unable to go over your account to review the charges and come up with a resolution for you. That'll need to be discussed with our account care folks that I mentioned earlier. My apologies for any confusion caused by the customer service you've gotten. I do wish I could help you out here more.