4 Month Journey with T-mobile


    I switched from AT&T to T-mobile as my whole family was looking for new phones about 4 months ago. Boy was that a mistake... Let's start from the beginning...


    Day1: Went into T-mobile store to create an account and port our numbers over. At the time, the store didn't have the phones that I want in stocked, so they gave me 5 temp numbers so that I can port my AT&T numbers over when I can find the phones either online or at another store. The rep grabbed my ID and did his thing. I asked about the Netflix offer and he mentioned that he will do that after the account has been setup. We recently moved to another place on Mercer Island (store we went to was in Bellevue... Their headquarter was in the same parking lot).

    Issue: The rep never confirmed with us on our billing address. He just assumed what was on the driver's license(okay.. I can understand why people would assume this, not that big of a deal... Until later...). The rep also completely forgot to put our Netflix account into their billing either. Rep also messed up activating the sim cards on the 5 temp numbers ( I didn't find this out til my next issue coming up...)


    That Night: I got home and wanted to create my t-mobile account so I can buy the phones online. When creating a t-mobile account, it requires a text message to the number associated with the account. So I put the sim into my unlocked phone. Problem is what I described above... The rep messed up scanning my sim card and the number was never activated.... I thought this was going to be an easy fix so I called t-mobile to have them activate the sim... Nope... The rep apologized and told me I have to go back to the store and have them reactivate the sim.


    Day2: Went to the store to have them reactivate my sim cards.. I put it into my unlocked phone and it works. I got home, created an account, and continue to "try" to buy my 5 phones. First I tried on Chrome and when I got to the checkout screen and hit the pay button, it would just spin and nothing happens. I then tried on Firefox and IE and had the same issue. I then tried for a second time and got an error that said something like "something went wrong". It did not go into any other detail. My first thought is that something was wrong with my payment(which there are plenty of money in). I then tried my bank card and got the same result. I called in customer service again... They said that the card I was using was denied. I explained to them that I've used three different types of payment and I know for sure that it's not my payment method. Also, if it was a payment denied, I would see that message shouldn't I? I gave up for the night.


    Day3: I tried buying the phones again and I had the same result. I called in customer service and again the person blamed that it was my payment method that's denying the purchase. The rep then tried and help place it on her end. Of course she got the same result, on the checkout screen, the payment just keeps on spinning. I gave up for 3-4 hours and tried calling into customer service again to try and speak with someone else hoping to get someone with a little bit of more knowledge of the issue. Nope... same answer. That night when I was about to go to bed, I thought about why a payment would not go through, and thought about the addresses...


    Day4: (still haven't switched over since I haven't been able to purchase my phones) I signed into my account and checked my billing address. Long and behold it was our old address. And most likely the reason why the payments were being denied because of security risks. Opening an account and have the phones ship to another address would raise a flag on my eyes also... So I changed my Billing address and waited for a day for the system to refresh.


    Day5: I was able to buy my phones! It would be so nice of I got a denied payment method because the t-mobile's billing address doesn't match shipping address or something... Instead, you either get a screen that loads forever or a "error something went wrong". Or atleast have it so that your customer service reps have access to this... Their incompetence about this issue is astounding.... Sure... Payment denied happens all the time and is usually on the bank's side, but when a customer calls in and tell your reps multiple times that they know for sure their bank isn't denying the transaction... Atleast escalate or something... Blaming the customer that there's nothing T-mobile can do is just lazy.


    Week2: Now's a good time to say that I put all 5 phones on an installment plan to take advantage of the promotion. We bought 3 Samsung S8 for $200.00 each on the installment plan. And a BOGO Iphone 8 deal. For the iPhone 8 deal, I needed to do a tradein with a qualifying device. So I traded in my AT&T 5s model number ME305LL/A.


    Week3: T-mobile assessed my AT&T 5s phone and said that I didn't send in the correct model number listed. They took a screenshot of the model when they went into settings and told me that they see A1533 and not ME305LL/A. I have to then call in to t-mobile again... Explaining to them that the person who assesed my phone had no idea who he/she is talking about... And is cluelesssssss about Iphone model numbers. I have to educate you guys on your own products.... The A1533 is indeed the model number, but Apple has 3 different A1533 "order numbers". People gets this mixed up with the Order Number, which is the ME305LL/A. So in short... it's the same thing... Here's my source: Lookup Mac Specs By Serial Number, Order, Model & EMC Number, Model ID @ EveryMac.com


    The only reason I know this is because I work in IT and I'm familiar with tech... Imagine someone who would just trust t-mobile's words (your average consumer)...


    So after explaining to the rep this, she talked with her supervisor and her supervisor agreed too. They told me that I should accept the trade-in assessment and they gaurantee that I will be eligible for the BOGO offer. I asked that they have this in writting and they sent me a text message also with the rep's employee number. That's good enough for me.


    Week12: I got a message from t-mobile saying that my rebate request was denied... So again called in t-mobile. Explained to the rep what had happened. Rep escalated to supervisor... They told me they'll get back to me by tomorrow. (I kept this short, but trust me... it was a very long conversation)


    NextDay: The rep got back to me and informed me that they were able to approve the request on their end and that a gift card of $600.00 being sent my way.... Great... but the BOGO offer is that you buy one iphone, you get one of up to $700.00. I told the rep that I bought the iPhone 8s at 699.99... Not 599.99. The rep looked into the BOGO offer, then checked my order confirmation, and apologized. The rep then escalated to the supervisor again and they pushed another $100.00 approval through


    (Today)Week14: I received my $600.00 gift card and the $100.00 gift card was no where to be seen. Yet again, I have to call into T-mobile. Explained to another Rep what had happened and waited 30 minutes for them to figure out what to do with my account. He escalated to his supervisor and his supervisor told him to reach out to the rebate team. The rebate team looked into it and found out that the $100.00 gift card was never processed, even though it was in their queue. That rep had to escalate to her supervisor... They apologized once again and informed me that I will be getting the $100.00 gift card in the mail in the next couple of weeks.



    1. Can't scan a sim card correctly to activate it. Making me having to go physically back to the store to get this accomplished

    2. Doesn't even know the difference between A1533 and ME305LL/A (that's because there's no difference). Ironically, when you do a tradein, t-mobile has a list of model numbers to choose from. A1533 isn't even an option.

    3. They don't even know their own promotion... Giving me 600 instead of 700. This was a huge scam in my book. I think that a lot of people would forget how much of a rebate they're getting back when it takes them 2-3 months to process. So if I didn't remember myself that it was 700, t-mobile just took a hundred from me and I wouldn't have even notice.

    4. Spent at least 10 hours with customer service basically telling them how to do their job.... And educating them on their payment/billing system and their own promotions..


    Today: still waiting on my $100.00 card