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    I don't care, t-mobile needs to contact me since I am hard of hearing and they keep putting me on hold for hours and nobody is helping me with the problem of getting my phone working.  I have a existing LG L90 prepaid phone that was about three years ago and I had already ordered a new sim on their website along with the data only plan and some lady over the phone said I needed another new sim (makes no since they just gave this sim).  My sim is suppose to be already activated, but my phone is not finding the network.  I can't stay on the phone for hours and being transfer every dang time that nobody knows anything.  No hard feelings, but T-mobile has the wrost support ever.  I do not know what phone number is connected to the sim card and they seem to be having issues finding my order that I placed on their website.

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      • magentatechie

        Re: T-mobile contact me via e-mail

        Hey there! I'm so sorry that you're having such a hard time getting through to care to get your SIM card issue resolved, especially getting assistance over the phone.  Unfortunately, T-Mobile doesn't have an e-mail service for customer assistance, and no one on this community forum can access your account, but you might have more luck messaging T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.