In France and problems with One Plus features??


    I am in France having arrived five days ago and uncertain about the One Plus (believe is called) feature I added to my TM One plan. I was told more than one by TM reps that this would give me hotspot connectivity to the internet at no extra charge and unlimited text and$.25 /min calls.

    But I was uncertain how to use it, and wanting to avoid possible charges, I contacted the chat support and connected with guy from the Philippines who are usually quite good. But he and his manager told me the plan did not include the free unlimited hotspot as I was told multiple times(see my email message to TM rep who also helped me buy new IPhone 7)

    I am trying to find out what is.correct

    *also how to use these features without additional.charges as stated

    *I'm not savvy much on phones. Should roaming and wi-fi be included for free else how much?

    *is there free international cust.service calls to get support? What is that number?

    Thanks a bunch for any assistance. God bless!


    Greetings from France. You helped me purchase my Iphone 7 last Tuesday on my way to a missions trip to.France where I now am. I much  appreciate you and your manager's help. You two also helped me set up One Plus feature for hot spot connectivity for internet connectivity here for my tablet.


    I was having problems setting up the phone in validating my email. And I wanted to see how to set it up to use the hotspot via the One Plus Feature so I could access the internet on my tablet  which I got it for.


    So I connected via chat with your reps who was in the Phillipines who are normally quite good.But the rep Carlo claimed the One Plus feature or whatever it was called did not cover that hotspot even though I told him you, your manager and the south Texas rep made clear it did. ((sorry if I'm rambling but it is quite late here, Ive had little sleep and that rep seemed to.take.pleasure in denying help. Not to be unkind. Then knowing I was stuck here in France,  he tried to make me buy some.other feature ,etc. So I asked to speak to his supervisor,  and Victor basically did the same thing.

    So Abigail, I'm not sure who to turn to now, and don't want to connect with those folks.again. I know its near close time there, but hopefully you are there and can help me resolve this problem as I need that connectivity as was counting on it when there.

    Thanks a bunch







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      • tmo_amanda

        Hello, nesher!


        Welcome to our Support Community. I'm sorry it hasn't been easy understanding exactly what features you have access to and how to use them. The ONE Plus add-on does not include mobile hotspot. You can find out what exactly you need to do to get this feature enabled here:


        Higher-Speed Data and Tethering/Smartphone Mobile Hotspot

        Even though the included data roaming service that comes with T-Mobile ONE and Simple Choice allows you to use data for your phone, it doesn't allow the ability to share with other devices by tethering through Smartphone Mobile Hotspot. If you need high-speed data or want to share data through tethering, then we suggest adding an international data pass. You can purchase a 1-, 7-, or 14-day pass. Not only does it allow your device to be used as a Smartphone Mobile Hotspot, but it gives you speeds of up to 3G, depending on what country you're visiting.



        If you want help adding an international data pass, your best bet is to work with T-Force via Facebook or Twitter. Just send them a message and they'll reply back pretty fast.