VoWiFi settings missing for BlackBerry KeyONE with Oreo


    BlackBerry recently pushed the Oreo 8.1 update to unlocked KeyONE devices. Previously, on Nougat, VoWiFi was working flawlessly with T-Mobile. With the update to Oreo 8.1 (from Nougat), VoWiFi still works but the settings have disappeared. That is, there's no longer a way to access these settings when VoWiFi is not enabled (when it is enabled you can just click on the notification icon to get to the settings).


    With Nougat, these settings were available directly from the Phone app (under the ... more button). On carriers other than T-Mobile the settings continue to appear (on Oreo) under: Settings -> Network & Internet


    There are several threads about this now (since it's been well over a month since BB KeyONE devices started to receive Oreo) and here is just one example:




    Needless to say, the sudden disappearance of these settings is inconvenient. I assume this is a profile problem.

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