$8 "Payment Support Fee" - Beware


    I just received my monthly T Mobile bill, and was surprised to see an $8 "Payment Support Fee" charge.  When I phoned T Mobile, I was informed that I was charged because I had phoned their account department to get assistance changing the credit card that I use for Autopay.  I had phoned them because their "add new credit card" function on their website was not working - a problem well documented in this forum.  She reversed the charge.  But it should never have appeared in the first place.


    So T Mobile charges $8 if you phone them for account support.  This is both unreasonable, and uncommon.


    I only hope that they don't charge me another $8 for my phone call asking them to reverse the first unreasonable charge!


    I have been a T Mobile customer for years, since it was called "Voicestream."  I've been very happy with them, especially of late, but this type of shenanigans really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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