JOD downpayment


    I went in store to see what options I have to JOD I was very interested in Motorola 5 E plus it said 25 down plus 25 sim, 15 taxes.

    Then I looked at the iphone 8 plus is 0 Down

    iphone x zero down

    iPhone xs is 99 down

    i feel I am not getting for what I am paying for I should have the option to opt in for a super low end, low end phone for zero down besides taxes etc. I feel as well JOD has went down hill on lower down payments wide options. mind you the Motorola 5 E is worth almost 250. I was told usually 750 ask for a down payment, but never expected a merely 200 dollar phone having a downpayment. I don’t opt to upgrade my phone that often I really wish their were more options to opt in varity purchasing JOD(’s) length of time, types of services etc.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: JOD downpayment

        The down payment may not always be the same for every device, but I appreciate the feedback on this. The cost of the phone being determining eligibility for $0 down isn't the only factor either. Sorry if JOD for that phone isn't something to your liking. I can't say for sure the JOD program will change, but I know we run discounts and other promos that folks can use to take advantage of buying a phone.

          • black002

            Re: JOD downpayment

            Change - yes - it changes without notification. What happened to the $0 down contract for Jump on Demand that I signed when first signing up - now you can just change without notice - why sign a contract at all if you go from $0 downpayment on much higher priced devices $1,200 to now requiring a downpayment for a $900 device - without notice - that is NOT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE to me - especially since I have never paid a downpayment. Customer for over 7 years, never a late payment, always upgrade to each new device, 3 lines with T-Mobile. Wonder which company will pay for me to get out????