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    Just ported over from AT&T.  My wife's phone is a galaxy s6 edge.  Everything appeared to port over successfully.  However, she is unable to make or receive calls.  She is able to text and receive texts, although the transmission lags and she might not get the texts until several minutes after I send them.  When I try to call her it goes straight to voicemail.  When she tries to call me it says "emergency calls only".  She has full bars.  I live just outside of Seattle so I'm not in the boondocks.  I know we have very good coverage at my house because I'm right next to her when she tries to call and my phone is working just fine.  We called TMobile support yesterday and the representative reset the network for that phone.  It appeared to fix the problem, but less than 10 minutes after we got off the phone with her it went back to emergency calls only.  Now the only way I can talk to her is via laggy texting.

    For heaven's sake someone please fix this problem!  We are VERY close to just going back to AT&T.  It's more expensive but at least we can talk to each other!

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      • magentatechie

        Re: emergency calls only

        Hey there! Is your wife still using her AT&T phone? You may wish to check your APN settings. 

        Settings>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names

        You'll want to make sure the settings look like this:

        Name: T-Mobile US LTE

        APN: fast.t-mobile.com

        Proxy: <Not set>

        Port: <Not set>

        Username: <Not set>

        Password: <Not set>

        Server: <Not set>

        MMSC: http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc

        MMS proxy: <Not set>

        Multimedia Message Port: 80

        MCC: 310

        MNC: 260

        Authentication type:<Not set>

        APN Type: default,MMS,supl,xcap

        APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6

        APN roaming protocol: IPv4

        Enable/disable APN: <greyed out unless there are multiple APN's>

        Bearer: Unspecified

        Tap Menu (3 dots) icon > Save


        You may also wish to delete any other APNs in the listing.  Also, the APN type may need to be tweaked, but try what's there above.  Hope this helps!


        If you are using a T-Mobile phone, the device may be defective.  Did you try resetting the network settings?

        • tmo_chris

          Re: emergency calls only

          Just checking in here to see how things are going. It is worth mentioning that after a port, there could be a small period of what we call dual service where some features may not work on your T-Mobile line, but they do work on the previous carrier line. This dual service typically lasts no longer than 24 hours. Are you still having trouble with this?

            • veryfrustrated101

              Re: emergency calls only

              I had trouble with this for about 48 hours.  After taking the phone to technical support 3 separate times they finally told me I'd need to buy a new phone.  I can't tell you how upset I am about this.  I was told before switching that "everything would be fine".  I think it's the old bait and switch technique.  Tell me it'll be fine, then when it's not tell me I need to buy a brand new phone from their own network (with their own commissions).  But what am I to do?  I suppose the better business bureau should at least know about this.  My "simple transfer" ended up costing me about $600 out of pocket and now I'm stuck with monthly payments on a phone I didn't really want but had no real choice except to buy it.

                • tmo_chris

                  Re: emergency calls only

                  So the service works just fine when the SIM in in a different phone? This means that the issue was not network related. What is your ZIP code there in Seattle?

                    • veryfrustrated101

                      Re: emergency calls only

                      I'm not sure what you're asking.  The original AT&T sim card was not placed in a different phone as that wasn't the problem.  After the phone was ported over the AT&T sim card stopped working as they closed our account.  The TMobile SIM card was installed on the phone and the problems that I have aforementioned began.


                        • tmo_chris

                          Re: emergency calls only

                          Sorry for the confusion! Looking at that ZIP code and comparing the frequencies that the older s6 Edge supports with the frequencies we offer in the area, it makes sense as to why the phone was having a hard time. Our strongest frequencies in that area are LTE 700 and 3G/4G U2100 and the S6 Edge does not support either of those I am afraid that the only way that you would get better coverage in that area would indeed be upgrading your phone as you did.