When calling someone and they answer I hear nothing but silence on the first attempt.


    When placing a call through my Samsung Note 8 the call will go through as normal (I will hear the normal rings until the person answers their phone) but when they answer the phone then I hear nothing at all. They can be on the other line saying hello repeatedly but I will not hear them. I will hang up, call right back, and everything will be normal and I can hear them. This has been ongoing for several months and I've just dealt with it but yesterday I was calling a potential new job back and it did this so that was the final straw for me. I am not on wifi when this happens and it can happen whether I am in my car using bluetooth or even if I am not using bluetooth. This issue doesn't happen when someone else calls me, it is only when I am calling someone else. Please assist me as my wife has a Samsung Galaxy S8 and this is not an issue for her. This is not always area dependent because I tried making a call on my commute to work around 2 weeks ago and this time the call went through and I could hear the person on the other end but they could not hear me (this was the first time the issue happened like that). I don't believe that it happens at home because normally I am on wifi so I am unsure of what could be causing the issue. It's very annoying and now embarrassing so please help.

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