Can’t access receipt,  e-signature, purchase, statements


    Evening hope y’all are doing well.

    I just wanted to let a little information about my experiences with Team of experts today.

    Not once but twice was a unsatisfactory to receive my email that I was supposedly get a copy of my receipt that indicated how much I paid and purchase date etc. and was giving guidance to we’re to obtain purchases so I went on to my Tmobile from the link to just try it to see if the second time is good. Nothing worked to obtain it on my email/my Tmobile. The reason I called a second time is because I was told I can obtain a copy of purchase, however Tmobile store rep said he couldn’t so I called Tmobile team of experts and had no luck to somewhere gain access to the items, the store manger and other Tmobile rep managed to print a  Informal  notation on paper. I am to go to apple store as they asked for proof of purchase hopefully it works. This is one big reason I don’t like ordering online it causes so much stress, that I feel I need to go to a psychologist to prescribe me medication for these issues that I paid hundreds of dollars to have a peace of mind that I feel I am not receiving 99.99% hopefully Team of experts become more likely to be a peace of mind we’re I can imagine looking forward towards customer service.

    dont get me wrong T-Mobile US has come up more then any other company on the world with the best Leadership, just everything has to be in sync to all work as one. Their Is room for improvements I’ll still around to what happens. Ps please have a spell correct that’s accurate and more mobile friendly.