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    I am getting a similar run around. it is not right that their sales staff are at best under trained and are convincing customers to enter into contracts by providing misinformation. It is almost like a bait and switch. How was this resolved?

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      • magenta6308539

        Re: Apple BOGO promotions.

        I experienced the exact same situation. I was informed my bill will be $140.00 at month 4 lines, including Tax and fees. First bill just arrived $280.00.


        • tmo_chris

          Re: account questions

          user27701 -  Would you be able to tell me a little more about your specific situation? We don't actually have service contracts anymore, so I want to make sure we are on the same page.


          magenta6308539 - That sounds like you might be paying for 2 months bills in one. Can you see what the charges are foe specifically? You can see a full breakdown of your bill on

            • user27701

              Re: account questions

              Basically left Verizon for T-Mobile because I was fed up with unsubstantiated charges. Called customer service and was told about 30 per line unlimited. Sounded good. They told me about the bogo so I decided to buy 2 iPhone 8 and get 2 free via $1400 cc. Went in to store to pay for first month and also took $500 to put towards 2 phones I was buying. Asked about rebate I had submitted and they told me it was rejected because I had not sent in trade-in. I had never been told at all about this. Called cs and escalated to supervisor who told me they would take 300 off 2 of the phones. But basically I would still have to pay $800 more than I had originally thought. So, bought 2 phones =1400. Get 2 free =0. But now I had 4 phones = 2800 - 600 (300 each I was offered) = 2200. So before I owed 1400 but now 2200, ie 800 more.

              So I cancelled and she told me that she would waive all charges because I was not told all the details. And so I’ve been waiting for labels to send back 4 phones. I need 4 labels for 4 packages. I’ve only received 1 label and have called so many times it’s crazy.



            • user27701

              Re: account questions


              can you find my thread titled 'BOGO misinformation' please?


              it seems to have been deleted

              ive got screen shots but it's weird that it would have been deleted


                • tmo_chris

                  Re: account questions

                  I was able to read through your entire post that you had a screen shot of a conversation with a chat rep and it looks like you were trying to get your return labels and the chat dropped and there was some confusion on our part as to where the phones were ordered. You stated that these were ordered over the phone and you just needed the return labels to send them back.


                  In my above message, I let you know that we would need to look at your account to get these labels sent to you and recommended that you reach out to our T-Force team. Have you had a chance to do this yet? I only ask because we are not able to see customer accounts here on a user forum so I would not be able to locate and send these labels for you but our T-Force team can.