New customers receive better offers


    Why do new customers receive better offers on phones and pricing for plans, then a loyal customer of many years? As a customer of 5+ years on my second term with TMobile, it is disappointing that this issue has not been resolved. This was feedback that I provided when leaving the first time and now the problem has become apparent again.


    New customers get a $20 savings per month on plans and free phones. Loyalty is not rewarded by TMobile.

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        Re: New customers receive better offers

        I have been a customer going on 10 years.... i have received a bunch of perks and offers as a customer.


        i have 3 FREE brand new Alcatel A30 tablets from T-Mobile.(valued at $144 x 3)

        i have 3 FREE unlimited voice lines from T-Mobile (valued at $40 x 3)

        i have the promo $10 Family Stateside international Plan for all of my lines on my account (valued at $15 x 5)

        i have FREE Napster unRadio for each of my 5 voice lines (valued at $4.99 x 5)

        and i have 2 unlimited voicelines for $100 dollars....


        AND i have a Free Data for Life tablet that provides 200mb of highspeed data every month....




        so i believe i have been offered better services and perks that new customers can nolonger get at the same price that i get them for.


        im sorry you missed out on all of these free and awesome promotional services.....



        but to answer your question..... T-Mobile has been trying to get more and more new customers..... many of the new customers are paying a higher rate than what you and i pay.....

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