Note 9: When Promos Go Right


    Hey all. With all the posts about the various promo offers that came with the preorders on the beast they call the Note 9 I wanted to add a contribution. Honestly I had no intentions of moving on from my beloved Note 8 but those promotion deals were like a Godfather offer: an offer I couldn't refuse. I had gotten my Note 8 through a Samsung deal in which I traded in my LG G4 in for a $300 discount. So after deciding on getting the N9 I was going to go the same route but then I saw my carrier, The Uncarrier, was offering $100 more than Samsung. I ordered my 9 the 1st day preorders were being taken, slapped down my down payment and began the waiting game. Well my phone came 2 days before launch day. I put it through its paces for the next 2 weeks then mailed my Note 8 in for the trade. My bill came for next month and the credit had already been applied. I later received a text notifying me that my trade in was good and I was all set. This is how the process is supposed to go and I feel for those who experienced otherwise.