Got scammed for a Black Friday promotion 2 years ago and just NOW realizing it?!


    I'm in such disbelief that I could let this happen for almost 2 years ago. Back in 2016, I went to a T-mobile authorized retail store for Black Friday and tried to take advantage of their deals, but little did I know I'd be screwing me and my family over. At the time, they had a trade in deal for older phones in order to get the LG V20 or iPhone 7 for only $100 (which I would pay in a spread of 24 months). Both my brother and mother were on Sprint and they wanted to switch over because we thought it would be cheaper and the phones they were using were Samsung Note 4s. So we opened up 2 new lines and traded in the old phones for the V20. We also converted to the T-mobile one plan because it was supposed to be $35/line for 4 lines autopay. No big deal. I did not enroll in the autopay, so it should've been $40/line = $160/month.


    The mistake happened when one of the retail workers told me that they were having another promotion because I was opening up 2 new lines. He told me I could get a free Tablet because I opened up the 2 lines. All I would have to do is pay the $40 down payment and the rest would be credited in a span of 24 months. I asked him multiple times if I would get charged for anything else, including another line. He assured me that I did not because the tablet line would be considered my "4th free line" for Tmobile ONE. I told him specifically that I was not really interested in the tablet, but could maybe gift it to someone. And he said it was fine because I wouldn't be paying anything else in the future. Just the $40 down payment. BUT when the bill comes a month later, I'm surprised because it's a LOT higher than I thought it would be. I see a $75/plan on the tablet that I'm paying for. The only credit I see is the tablet itself and for the V20 phones. I call T-mobile customer service, and they pretty much tell me that whatever promotion the store was having was not their responsibility. And if the charges didn't look right, I would have to go back to the store and talk to them. I don't understand why an authorized store and company are not on the same page. So I go back to the store and ask them about the charges. They said that it only looks "confusing" for "tax purposes" and that I was technically getting the tablet line for free because of the Black Friday promotion and the T-mobile One Plan. I went one more time to the store another day and they told me the same answer, so I pretty much accepted my fate of paying pretty much $260 a month, thinking it may be due to the promotion and that the $75/month tablet line was to be ignored.


    I'm only realizing this NOW and ranting NOW because I just called T-mobile wanting to see how much my bill would be if I canceled the tablet line because I only have $16 left on the installment plan (which is being credited back from the promotion). I asked the T-mobile rep, Maria, if I paid the $16 tablet all off now and removed my tablet line what my monthly bill would cost? And that's when she told me it would be $75 cheaper because that's how much the tablet line cost. I asked her if I had been charged $75 this whole time for almost 2 years for something that the guy told me was covered and not due to tax purposes. The only thing she could do for me was lower it to $15/month for the last 2 months and apologize for the guy at the store. It didn't seem like there was more she could do.


    I''m sitting here in disbelief. I've been paying $75 for 20 months for a line I only used once, believing a lie from 2 years ago and only finding out about it now when it's almost over? Is there anything that can be done at this point or just change to a different company and try not getting screwed over by something that was supposed to be saving me money???

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      • gramps28

        Your situation sucks but unfortunately you only have 60 days to dispute charges.


        I suggest trying to messenger T-Force through Tmobile's Facebook page to see if they can help.


        T-Mobile Terms and Conditions



        If you have any questions about your bill or want to dispute any Charges, please contact us by visiting, by calling 800-937-8997 or 611 from your Device, or by writing to T-Mobile Customer Relations, P.O. Box 37380, Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380. Puerto Rico customers: You may contact us at, by calling 1-800-937-8997 or 611 from your Device, or by writing to us at: T-Mobile Customer Relations, B7 Tabonuco Street, Suite 700, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 00968-3349, Attn.: Customer Care Manager. If this does not fix things, please notify us in writing. Unless otherwise provided by law, you must notify us in writing of any dispute regarding your bill or Charges to your account within 60 days after the date you first receive the disputed bill or Charge. If you don’t, you may not pursue a claim in arbitration or in court. If you accept a credit, refund or other compensation or benefit to resolve a disputed bill or Charge, you agree that the issue is fully and finally resolved and T-Mobile shall be released from any and all liability regarding said dispute. Unless otherwise provided by law, you must pay disputed Charges until the dispute is resolved.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Yikes that's a long time to have this going on unnoticed. I do agree that reaching out to T-Force is the best bet. Have you touched base with them to see how they can help?