Fake Calls / Scam Calls / Spoofing Phone Numbers


    I'm getting really tired of the Spoofing and Spam calls.  The carrier sends us the FTC and the FTC in return can't do anything except document the issue occurred.  This is on the carrier end and they choose to ignore it.  The article that T-Mobile points us to asks put ourselves on the DNC List it's just BS because I've been on it for 8 years.  I have received 258 Spam/Spoofing calls in the last year and my phone records will prove that.  This is causing a much bigger issue than people think.  Those with Apple Phones are getting their iMessage accounts blocked and non-spoofing people are getting their own numbers reported as Spam.  Spoofing phone numbers is for displaying an incorrect phone number on the caller ID but the carrier can see the originating phone number and does absolutely nothing about it.  I answered one of the calls the other day and they were trying to get me to sign up for some back pain program.  I called them out on their scam and for using a fake number similar to my phone number and the guy proceeds to cuss me out and tell me to go kill myself because he can't be stopped or reported.  I have since installed a call recording app on my phone.  Someone is going to do something about this.


    Here is a list of all the numbers that called me.

    ***removed numbers***

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