Got tired of waiting for an UPDATE, so i joined XDA Developers.


    Just yesterday i joined XDA developers website and too my surprise, they have a small but growing LG V20 support and development page. Here i found new roms and many mods and updates, upgrades that i never knew existed for this phone. With a little reading i was able to unlock and root the locked down phone and now it can spread it's wings. For some reason LG's thermal conf. file, which is in the root directory. is set to thermal throddle at a very low temp. Causing games to massively micro stutter and many other apps too. So i was able to change the thermal limits in the file and now the phone is fast smooth with no downside. I understand they set the thermals  low to improve battery life, but changing the thermal configuration temps have not degraded battery life what so ever. (Before i was getting about 5hrs. of on screen time, with a new battery of course. and after the mod, it's the same.) So if your having trouble or wondering why your 2year old $800 phone is laggy and slow, now you know. I recommend going to the XDA website and check out the LG V20 page. You'll be very happy that you did. and thank you T-Mobile for still keeping bootloaders on your phones so that we can unlock the true potential of are android devices.

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