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    Are referrals normally required to get the free products offered on T-Mobile Tuesdays? I went to the Phoenix store located at 1601 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007 and they required that I give them three referrals (full name and phone number) to get a free travel mug. This was the first time I've gone in store for a product and I was taken back by the request. At no point did they even confirm I was a customer or check my app.

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      • barcodeable

        Re: Referrals for T-Mobile Tuesdays Gear

        Unfortunately I am unable to visit the store to receive my travel mug, but as you stated... giving referrals were not apart of the T-Mobile Tuesday‘s gimmick.

        but this week there is the travel mug for the T-Mobile customer and a seperate giveaway for a travel mug for a friend. Maybe T-Mobile is requiring  reps to get referrals for that purpose, im not sure. I do know at times these giveaways are a “Pay to Play” type situation.... where as they advertise the “FREE PRODUCT” and require you to come to the store to pick it up. And when you come to pick it up, they advertise products and services and whatever else to increase their margin. I must say, not all reps try and sell you stuff when you pick up the free items, but I have run into a few that were like vultures ready to devour a carcass.


        When I went to pick up those trucker hats... One rep asked me for my phone number to confirm my account, but after verifying my account he didn’t hand over the “Free Stuff”... he reviewed my account and pulled out a notepad and started jotting numbers down on the paper. I tried interupting him to ask for my trucker hat but he ignored me and said “one second”. Well about 10 minutes later he tells me he can save me money on my bill. Long story short, after i informed him of all the promotional credits I receive (that wasnt visible on his screen) he then gave me my hat and told me I have a great plan.


        i personally wouldnt give out my friends and families names and numbers to T-Mobile to obtain free products... because then technically the product is no longer “FREE”, you‘re paying with referral data.

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Referrals for T-Mobile Tuesdays Gear

          This should definitely not be happening and I'm sorry you didn't walk out of the store with your swag. I'm sending the info on this location over and hopefully you won't run into this again. Thank you for making us aware.