T-Mobile won't unlock my phone, and it is in good standing!


    I'm frustrated at this point, because of the inconsistency in messages I have received from the reps over the phone.

    Here's what makes sense: T-mobile won't unlock a phone if there is an outstanding balance.


    I bought a phone over eBay at the start of 2018, it is T-mobile locked. Beautiful, no problem since I purchased it.

    I am now trying to unlock the phone. I call the first time and I'm confirmed the phone is in good standing through IMEI check, which I read has capability to detect if an outstanding balance exists through a payment plan (EIN).


    The rep then tells me, "Your phone appears to have never been activated on any account. I'm sorry my system is malfunctioning and can't put in an unlock request.. let me transfer you" and my call drops. I call a second time, tell the rep about my previous call, and she tells me I need access to the original T-mobile account that belonged to the phone. BUT the previous guy just told me the phone is in good standing (in other words, it was payed off and has no block) but it never belonged to an account.


    At this point I feel like I'm being refused something that I rightfully could attain, an unlock code. The phone is in good standing, I've used T-Mobiles IMEI checker myself and it is clear. One of the reps even suggested calling Apple, when I did, apple said they don't put lock codes and confirmed that the phone is T-Mobile locked and I deserve an unlock code.

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