Confirmation of "Add a Voice Line Get a Voice Line"?


    Hello, prior to 9/21, I was on T-Mobile One by myself, paying $70. For the iPhone XS launch, I got 2 of the phones (9/21) and 3 new lines, and a day later (9/22), got a text that I was enrolled in the buy an iPhone, get $700 in credits.


    I also see the iPhone promo in My T-Mobile "View Your Current Promotion"


    What I want to know is when I will get text confirmation of the "Add a Voice Line Get a Voice Line"?

    Add a Voice Line Get a Voice Line


    This article says I will get a text confirmation, but I've yet to receive it, or see it on


    On the plans  section, it says my expected bill is $173, but I believe it should say $143 (35*4) + $3 Netflix Premium. Can you help me know when I should expect confirmation, so I can get $35 * 4 per the store rep? Thank you.

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