Why is t mobile customer service so awful?


    Just got t mobile service, ordered the $75 plan, guy at store only gave me the $50 plan. He got paid and does not care. Called t mobile. They said too bad but give us $27.15 and we will fix it. No choice. So now I have the $75 but it cost me $102.15. Tried reasoning with t mobile, they said we will give you 2 weeks extra service. They lied and only gave one. Tried the online chat since the 2 hour wait time to get phone help killed my battery (oh yeah 2 hour wait time... WTF!) Anyway, guy in chat says we can't give you the week we said we would but will give you a $17.50 credit. Ok great... that was hours ago. No credit given. Tried chat again. Guy says nothing here about any credit, let me give you this number to call.....


    I assume this will just be erased. That will solve the problem.


    Gonna switch to att next month, can't stand the lies and theft.

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