Does T-Mobile pay as you go service work on unlocked phones


    I've been dealing with customer care the paste few days on the phone and in chats because of poor cell phone service and found out TM updated their towers and my 3g phone no longer works because of that so, I am kind of  being forced to get a new phone because of this upgrade.  In trying to broaden my options (since I'm on a budget and need to get 2 for me and one for my husband) I was glad to find out from one of the agents I spoke to today on a chat that: my Legacy pay as you go service will work on any T-mobile branded phone or any unlocked phone provided that it is a gsm network.  I've been learning so much the past few days because of this upgrade and have been hunting down a bargain phone.  We have what they call the grandfathered Pay as you go Legacy plan which I learned DOES work with smart phones so, I'm good there.  But I read a comment on this forum that T-mobile no longer works with unlocked phones.  Is  this correct  or did the person who put the comment on the forum get nervous over nothing?  Like I said, I am new to all of this  so, I'm running into a lot of things that I don't know are true or not.


    Anyhow,  I found a pretty cheap phone which, in it's specs says it works on LTE band 2/4/17 and TM website says it works on LTE 2 and 4 (among other bands) so, I think I'm good there.  But now, it's that "unlocked" thing I need to know for sure before I buy it.


    These are the specs of the phone I'm looking at.  It's the "Nuu Mobile X3" model unlocked.



    Any help would be appreciated.





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