Assurant refund issues


    hello there everyone. So I did a claim on 09/09/18 for a stolen device that was stolen from my granddaughter at a party. They did over night the device but that same night her phone was found so I called to cancel the claim although they had already charged my card $175, they informed me that I had to refuse the package so that I can then get my refund back, so I did The following day the 10th, I called them the next day and they did not know what I was talking about and they kept telling me if I had already received the package when it had already said receiver refused package returning to sender, I then called back the next day which we are now on day 3 and they informed me due to weather condit the device should be recieved to them on the 19th which now is 11 days! i called the 19th and they received the package and the rep told me that it would be scanned that day and that I would be receiving my refund in 10 business days! Well today is the 22nd and they told me that the device is on their warehouse but has not been scanned and that it can take up to 14 days to do so and another additional 10days to start the refund processing!!! I’ve spoke to managers etc and none can do anything! In other words they took my $175 very easy and fast but I have to wait almost a month to get my money back?!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE OR FOR ANYONE TO USE! I will be switching carriers where they value customers and give people back their hard earned money when needed!!!

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Assurant refund issues

        Wow! It's bad enough the phone was taken in the first place, but this refund issue is just the worst. I'm not aware of Assurant refunding policy after you actually receive and open the package. I wish I could offer more advice on getting that refund, but we'd need Assurants help with getting you your money back. Do you have any email confirmation or case number you can give them to reference the conversations you've had?

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Assurant refund issues

          Hey, magenta5851704!


          I'm hoping that by now you've already gotten this handled because it sounds like it has already been going on way too long.


          Do you have any updates for us by chance? As MC mentioned above, the replacement is handled by Assurant and you'd have to work directly through them.