Note 9 severe bettery drain


    Here I think it's the Oreo os??? Now the note 9 has the worst battery drain even seen on any device, no social media apps just basic use, seems the September patch update killed it more, IS THERE A FIX FOR THIS??? This is a joke of a device for a 1300 dollar note 9!!! Anyone else seeing this???? Think I'm going back to Apple for good iOS 12 seems very good compared to android Oreo os , where the heck is this better battery life in the note 9?????????? Ya right lasts full charge in 6 hours 100 % to 10% using basic stuff my iPhone x same thing goes maybe 10 % in 7 hours something is wrong with Samsung and t mobile this is my second note 9 not sure what to do, change carrier and phone maybe is my best, 611 customer service seems no help I already do the stuff they tell me and seems worse and each representative says different things the last one told me to remove the battery uh huh note 9 has no battery to remove. What kind of help is this t mobile????? After 7 years maybe time to change carriers????

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Note 9 severe bettery drain

        Does it show which apps taking up the most power? Since the update, have you tried using the phone temporarily without any 3rd party apps?

          • androidz32015

            Re: Note 9 severe bettery drain

            Yes I tried all that too, I think it's just android may at a point where it's not a great operating system of OS since Oreo, I called 611 and returning the 2nd note 9 back and going back to the iPhone xs max my iPhone 7 plus on iOS 12 WORKS way better and faster than the note 9, Samsung has reached it's peak and for now no good to me but thanks for the reply and ya Samsung had no clue I called them, I did the resent September update and same thing and battery don't seem to be any different and now the screen seems to lag on response now yep I'm going to just return it and stay back to Apple for a while. Thanks again.