Can I get ONE Unlimited 55+, iPhone Xs for 700 off, and add people later?


    Can one parent get the One Unlimited 55+ plan for two people, one person under 55?


    Can we combine it with the Xs 700 off deal?


    Can we also add two more lines later, for $140/mo on one plan, two people 55+ and two under 55?

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      • snn555

        the promotions for Hardware combined with promotions that are already heavily discounted seem to change from month to month however I do know that the 55 plus plan is two lines only.

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        • magentatechie

          2018 Apple Buy 2 And Save offer


          So the scenario is that you already have one line on a 55+ plan and you intend to start a new line and buy two devices?  Yes, you'll be able to do that.


          As far as adding two more lines later- snn555 is right, the T-Mobile ONE 55+ plan has a maximum of two voice lines, however you may add MI (Mobile Internet) lines as you wish for tablets, wearables, LineLink, DIGITS, etc.


          If having 4 lines is the ultimate goal, you may wish to look at the Add a Voice Line Get a Voice Line promo.  You will need to be on a T-Mobile ONE plan with 2 lines to start, then get a free line when you add a line. 


          If you are brand spanking new customers, you'll need to add 3 lines to get the free 4th line.  The best part is that the two promos are stackable , so you will be able to start a new account with 4 lines and two 2 iPhones THEN you'll get the promo credits on your monthly bill for the 4th line AND the second iPhone.


          I take it this is what you were referring to when you said $140/month? Please note that is the AUTO PAY price and includes a $5 per line discount; if you opt out of auto pay, your monthly costs will be $160 for the 4 lines, plus whatever insurance and equipment charges you may have.

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          • tmo_mike_c



            I see you've got some super helpful info from our members. Please let us know if you need more help or have any additional questions.