T-Mobile refuses to remove the fraud on my account.


    I received a phone as a gift. I did not know the phone was financed. After a year or so I get an email requesting to transfer the balance to my account which I rejected several times via email. I never agreed to financing this phone. Then in July I see my bill go up by $30. I call T-mobile and after an hour explaining the situation and how I did not accept the balance transfer they realize that I did not accept it because the email on the signed balance transfer agreement was the same email from the person who was trying to transfer the balance. At the end of the recorded conversation they tell me that the balance is going to be removed. The next month I get an email with the same higher bill amount. I call in and they apologize and waive the fee and tell me that they sent this over to the fraud department. A few weeks later I call in and they tell me that they refuse to remove the balance until I return the phone to the original person and then they have to acknowledge the balance transfer. How is this fair? I did not accept a balance transfer to my account. They accepted it for me without my knowledge. All representatives have acknowledged they see who accepted the transfer and it was not me. This is FRAUD. And now I'm stuck with an extra bill that I did not accept.

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      • magentatechie

        Unfortunately, there is not a way to contact the fraud department directly, but what I would do is contact T-Force via Facebook or Twitter to see if any resolution could be found.

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        • barcodeable

          That’s a horrible gift... whomever gave you a financed phone they were still paying on should finish paying on the phone ((((Scrooge))). And you are absolutely right, you shouldnt have to pay for that phone, that’s why there are terms and agreements associated with the EIP Program.


          T-Mobile should of just BRICKED your phone.... and thats that.... and then you would be inconvenienced, but you wouldn't have extra charges on your phone to cover the installment plan.  You giving back the phone sounds weird in my opinion.... because how would T-Mobile even know you gave the phone back in the first place? Sounds like a horrible solution to a complicated situation. What if the person that gave you this phone as a gift has their own “issues” why would T-Mobile ask you to interact with this individual.


          I would contact T-Force as magentatechie stated.... I personally wouldnt seek out the Scrooge that gave you the gift, that’s asking for problems in my opinion. Im the type of person that like to avoid a problems and promblematic individuals... I would tell the T-Mobile Rep that you talk to that you are afraid of the Scrooge and what else can be done in this matter without you confronting the person that gave you a financed phone as a gift.


          be safe at all cost despite what a rep tells you.

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          • tmo_mike_c

            I'm terribly sorry about this happening but I do agree with our community members. You should definitely reach out to our T-Force team so they can get you help with this.