T mobile trying to strong arm me that I had no insurance in a $1000 phone.


    I switched from att to t mobile with my unlocked phone due to getting a divorce and getting off the family plan I spoke at length with a t mobile rep on varies things i ended up with so many problems switching with my phone due to technical issues I could never get the data After several calls getting fixed supposedly to run into the same problem 2 days later. finally going to the Boynton Beach Corp store manager tells me I will continue with this problem due to the network just not feeding to my phone. Fine, okay so I purchase a $1000 phone Samsung s9 that was 7-8 months ago. Yesterday I lost my phone all t mobile to put in a claim to find out I didn’t have Ins. WHAT? WHY? and this is where t mobile is trying to strong arm me. I’m telling the rep I sho have Ins nope, sorry buy you can buy another phone and pay from r 2. No. You can find my call, listen to my call and prove to me the Ins was offered and I rejected it orghat Ins was never even mention. I was told I was asking to find a needle in a hay stack. My reply and?  I told the supervisor if she didn’t want to do it put someone on the phone who would. T mobile how you gonna try to strong arm me force feed me and think I’m just going to take it. I feel like I’m being sucker punch and you all think I’m just going to take it. Sorry. but I’m going to stand up for myself and for what is FAIR. i can only image how many others you have strong armed and sucker punch I’m not standing for it and neither should anyone else. Ask then to prove it to you. Did the the rep ever mention ins remind you of Ins was Ins discussed at all. I’m patiwaiting my 7 days for someone to listen to my call I want a copy of it. I don’t trust nor believe t Mobile they don’t have answers everyone passes the buck. None will tell you I’ll listen to th call and verify if Ins was discussed or even mention they won’t ever say that your phone reps should be REQUIRED to ask about Ins and get a respond from the customer instead you’re ur answer is buy another $1000 phone and pay for 2. No. I’m not paying for 2. I’m paying for 1 the 1 I purchased that should of had ins.

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